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LATEST NEWS (19th June): Stefan and Natascha arrived on the Azores; they decided not to continue with the English translation of their travel adventures

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July 2005 - Azores


Most yachts stop in the Azores on their way east across the Atlantic, although some call on their way west or when sailing from the South Atlantic towards Northern Europe. Although hundreds of yachts call every year, very few of them cruise around the islands and the majority stop only in Horta, on the island of Faial, one of the perennially favourite places of long-distance sailors.

With their secluded bays, uncrowded anchorages and protected harbours, the rest of the Azores are still waiting to be discovered as a cruising destination in their own right.

Yachting facilities are concentrated in the two main ports, Horta and Ponta Delgada, which cater well for day-to-day needs, but whose repair facilities are limited.

(Source: Noonsite)

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