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LATEST NEWS (19th June): Stefan and Natascha arrived on the Azores; they decided not to continue with the English translation of their travel adventures

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February 2005 - Brazil


Brazilian culture is a rich mixture of European, African and Latin American, all of which can be seen in its world-famous Carnival. It is this Carnival which brings many sailors to Brazil, those who arrive from the north sailing for Salvador in Bahia, while those coming from the south have the opportunity to see the greatest show of them all in Rio de Janeiro.

In between these two cities, to the north as well as to the south, stretches a long coastline of varied scenery and just as varied climate and weather conditions. There are interesting places to explore all along the coast, but perhaps the best cruising ground is the area between São Sebastiao Island and Rio de Janeiro, which has many protected anchorages and attractive scenery, slightly marred by the increasing number of oil rigs.

The River Amazon also has an appeal for some cruising sailors and it can be navigated for well over one thousand miles giving the opportunity to see some of the interior of this huge country.

For many sailors the first taste of Brazil lies 250 miles offshore on the island of Fernando de Noronha, while another Brazilian outpost in the Atlantic is better avoided, the St Peter and St Paul rocks near the equator, where landing is only possible in the calmest of weathers.

Yacht clubs are usually welcoming to foreign visitors, with the exception of the Rio Yacht Club, where visitors are not at all welcome. Clubs with a large fleet of yachts, often motor yachts, have good repair facilities or access to them.

(Source: Noonsite)

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