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LATEST NEWS (19th June): Stefan and Natascha arrived on the Azores; they decided not to continue with the English translation of their travel adventures

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To all our English speaking readers...

Sailing from Singapore to the Netherlands on our own yacht is a dream coming true and we are still glad we embraced the opportunity when it arose. When we started our voyage we decided to share our adventures with family, friends and other interested people by keeping daily logs on this web site in both Dutch and English.

However, we found that one year is too short to:

  • Sail 16,000 miles
  • Explore and enjoy new places
  • Make new friends and have a good time with them
  • Keep Espiritu in a good condition
  • And ourselves too
  • Keep daily logs
  • And translate them into English.

It turned out that the translations absorbed a tremendous lot of time and after 7 months we decided not to carry on with it. Really sorry for that guys! We hope you enjoyed reading them so far. We might even have inspired you to take off one day yourself.

Are you curious to know the sequel of this story? Anxious to read about the Devils Islands, Caribbean beauty, awesome diving experiences, steaming volcano's, our nocturnal intruder, fish poisoning in the British Virgin Islands, the North-Atlantic crossing and our arrival in the Netherlands? Be brave and surf to the Dutch pages. Use your imagination, translation software, dictionary, Dutch friend or just enjoy the pictures.

Good luck!

Cheers, Natascha & Stefan.

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